Many people may feel that the color of a home—whether its interior or exterior—doesn’t really matter when it comes to selling your home. There are more important things, right? Like the condition of the kitchen, bathroom, roof, etc. While those things are certainly important, it turns out that even when it comes to something as seemingly arbitrary as color choice, there’s a science to it. 

Leave it to Zillow to figure out the best and worst colors to paint your home! In a 2017 analysis that included over 32,000 photos of sold homes, Zillow was able to identify how different paint colors affected sale price. 

Below, we’ve shared an overview of their findings (and you can click here to find the real monetary figures behind it all). You’ll see that choosing the right or wrong color can literally mean gaining or losing thousands of dollars!

The Best Colors to Paint Your Home 

These colors in each specific room can help you gain hundreds or even thousands of dollars:

  • Kitchen = Blue (light blues and soft gray blues are most popular) 
  • Bathroom = Blue/purple (specifically, powder blues and periwinkle) 
  • Bedroom = Blue (something bold and refreshing, like cadet blue or cerulean) 
  • Dining room = Blue (slate blue, pale gray blue, or navy blue (especially when contrasted with white)) 
  • Living room = Light brown (light beige, oatmeal; neutrals) 
  • Exterior = Gray/Brown (a mix of gray and beige) 

The Worst Colors to Paint Your Home

These colors in each specific room can make you lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars:

  • Kitchen = Yellow (bright yellows, like marigold or sunflower)
  • Bathroom = White (specially off-white)
  • Bedroom = Pink (almost any shade, from light ballerina pink to deep rose) 
  • Dining room = Red (brick, terracotta, or copper reds) 
  • Living room = Blue (the whole spectrum of light blues)
  • Exterior = Brown (medium browns, taupe) 

Click here to see photos with specific examples of each color!

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