Before Follow Up Boss, I can honestly say that I lost thousands of dollars in both potential and future business. Getting leads as a source of business is one thing but how you track and manage those leads is crucial and a major part of being a Real Estate Agent.

I have been using Follow Up Boss for a little over a year now and it has changed the way I look at my business. The common talk among agents is "Database", "Database", "Database." Then there's "What CRM do you use?" I'm embarrassed to say that I had neither before I found Follow Up Boss. I was an agent who did everything by email and spreadsheets for the most part. 

With Follow Up Boss, it hadn't been 2 days before my first "Ah Ha" moment, one simple solution that could integrate with all my lead sources, automatically gather information to create a new client file and notify me of a new lead simultaneously. After logging in, I noticed that new leads were also automatically tagged by source, property address, city, zip, and even price range which makes it alot easier to send targeted marketing emails etc. This one system helped streamline, automate, and organize my growing database.

I also integrated Mailchimp, which allows you to customize email drip campaigns for each lead source. The instant auto responder has helped increase response times to each lead. Most times our new clients appreciate such a fast response not knowing that its all on auto pilot. Its pretty exciting to see clients raise their hands after being on our drip campaigns for months. The system does follow ups automatically. 

This happens quite frequently, "Will I'm so glad to hear from you. I ready to buy now." With the ability to run drip campaigns across my entire database, it now keeps me in front of mind for everything real estate. 

To handle our growing business, I started to add additional buyers agents and Follow Up Boss made it easy to assign leads and monitor our existing pipeline. The accountability feature allows me to manage our teams number of new leads, unactioned leads, tasks due, contact percentage and time to action.

I personally decided that I never wanted to lose another client again. If you're spending your marketing dollars generating leads online and you currently don't have a way to monitor what's going on in your business Follow Up Boss could be the solution.