1. Are there exceptions to the loss of an earnest money deposit on a HUD Home?
  2. Are there limitations to the number of HUD Homes that an investor can purchase?
  3. Can I get my HUD Home earnest money back when my loan is denied?
  4. How can a buyer view a HUD Home prior to bidding?
  5. How can I buy a HUD Home?
  6. How can I inspect the heating or other systems on a HUD Home?
  7. How do I file a complaint about the company selling HUD Homes?
  8. What is a backup offer on a HUD Home?
  9. What is the process for a real estate agent to place a bid on a HUD Home for a buyer?
  10. What is the status of a particular HUD Home?
  11. When does the Asset Manager open and review bids on HUD Homes during the exclusive listing period?
  12. Will HUD accept multiple offers on a HUD Home?